a showgirl's wacky, sexy journey

to the Playboy Mansion & the Radio City Rockettes

Grab your glitter gel,

glue on your fake eyelashes, slip into your fishnet stockings, apply some cherry red lipstick, wrap yourself in a feather boa, and come along for the ride as you are whisked through a spectacular, wacky, sexy journey to showgirl-dom. It’s time to raise the curtains, because the showgirl adventures are about to begin. Places, please!

Imagine transforming

from a naïve, goodie two-shoes, Midwestern bumpkin to a sexy showgirl supreme performing with the world-famous Radio City Rockettes. Author Kristi Lynn Davis did just that, logging in about 1,200 performances and 240,000 kicks with the legendary precision dance troupe. And that’s not all.

She also traveled the globe with the steamy Playboy’s Girls of Rock and Roll, sailed to exotic ports of call as a singer-dancer on luxurious cruise ships, and graced the stage in musical theatre productions with showbiz icons Susan Anton, Buddy Ebsen, Maurice Hines, Jack Jones, Paige O’Hara, Juliet Prowse, Rip Taylor, and others. She even shook her tail feathers for former President Bill Clinton.

Now Kristi invites you backstage and into her dressing room where she reveals how she survived and thrived in the wild and wonderful world of entertainment. Whether you’re an aspiring performer, a seasoned pro, or a theatre lover who gets a kick out of showbiz shenanigans, secrets, and sizzle, this book will inspire you to light your spark, pursue your passion (despite fear of failure), and shine brightly as the star you truly are.

Rave Reviews!

  • John Doe

    Paige O'Hara
    Broadway star, voice of Belle in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

    "I love this book! A highlight of my career was performing with the Rockettes! I was constantly amazed and awed by their total perfection!! They made me improve my performance out of sheer admiration. No one has ever captured that drive, with all of the behind-the-scenes humor and angst, like Kristi Davis. Her story shows the heartfelt and funny life journey of a dancer. I laughed and I cried and I couldn’t put it down. A must read!!!"

    John Doe

    Phil Randall
    Former Stage Manager, Las Vegas Radio City Rockettes

    "WOW can you write! [The book] is fascinating and delightful and relatable and inspiring and surprising...and you have some wonderful little quotes about rehearsing and classes and passion and commitment that I hope every dancer/actor reads. I am truly jealous of your natural ability to put words and mental pictures together and bring your reader into the story. Thank you for sharing this true work of love with me. I always loved a woman who can kick, smile, bevel, and write. "

    John Doe

    Suzanne Sena
    National news anchor and Emmy-nominated host

    "High kicks of praise for this behind-the-scenes memoir by the star who inspired me to follow my dreams! A page turner from beginning to end. A must-read for anyone with show business aspirations or a dancing career in the making, as well as those curious about the life of a professional entertainer. I didn’t want it to end."

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About Kristi

Hello, fellow friends of sequins and sparkle, feathers and fishnets!

I am the voice (and the legs) behind the book Long Legs and Tall Tales. Why did I write it? Having spent over 12 years strutting my stuff as a professional performer, I was bursting with secrets and shenanigans to spill. Mainly, I was so amused and amazed by my showbiz adventures, I simply had to share them. Let’s be honest…it also broke my heart to retire, and writing my memoir was highly therapeutic!

These days, I thrive in the beautiful state of Michigan with my wacky, sexy husband and two spectacular children. In addition to being an author and entertainer, I am a speaker, choreographer, and Registered Drama Therapist. Please visit me at kristilynndavis.com for the not-so-dirty details or just to say hi.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by. I hope you get as much of a kick out of reading my Tall Tales as I did living them. And may you be inspired to discover your dreams, dance with fear, and become the star you truly are.

Kick high! Be spectacular!

With a virtual VIP All-Access Backstage Pass,

readers get a sneak insider peek into two of America’s most iconically sexy and spectacular institutions—Playboy and the Radio City Rockettes—like never before. But wait! There’s more. The book also chronicles highlights of Kristi’s wacky journey from obscurity to fame including:

  • her humble tutu and tiara-loving beginnings at her local “Dolly Dinkle” dance schools
  • her awkward stretch into modern dance amid the danger and excitement of New York City
  • mortifying corporate party performances (including dancing as half of the Brooklyn Bridge and knocking over patrons with her big buttress)
  • musical theatre and movie escapades in and around Hollywood
  • homespun fun in the Ozarks as Buddy Ebsen’s hottie Beverly Hillbillies sidekick
  • jet-setting and bar-hopping with real live Playboy Bunnies
  • her horror at sashaying on stage in a G-string
  • going overboard for love on a cruise ship, and
  • shaking her tail feathers for President Bill Clinton.
From the sweaty, smoky nightclubs of Singapore to the sizzling Las Vegas strip to the snowcapped mountains of Alaska and beyond, these behind-the-scenes, high-kicking high jinks rival the euphoria of thunderous applause.

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